Mike Metro
Elder Chair
I was raised Catholic, although not very devout. I attended catholic classes only when forced to by my mom. When I was about 13 and no longer attending any Church, I was asked a question by a friend about what religion I was. I thought for a moment and responded “I am a Christian.” He responded “everyone is a Christian you dummy, what religion are you?” That question haunted me for the next 4 years. When Teresa and I began to date in 1973, I was highly encouraged to go to her church, a southern Baptist church. It was there I heard God’s plan of salvation. It was there that I was exposed to my sinful nature and the fact God loves me and Jesus died for my sins. It was then that God saved me. I spent 40 years in America’s Fire Service, 35 years with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, retiring in January of 2015 as the Chief Deputy of the organization. I love to do woodworking; drive the first car I ever owned, a 1965 Ford Mustang, spend time with my amazing and beautiful wife Teresa; and spend time with our children and grandkids. We have been married for over 40 years and have three grown kids, Ryan, Rob and Kimberly. We have been blessed beyond measure in that each married believers and between the three, have given us twelve grandkids. Allie is the oldest and our daughter blessed us with a granddaughter in March, her first girl after five boys! After 40 years in America’s Fire Service, I retired in January of 2015. I can now devote more time to serving the Lord, helping other fire departments and chasing our twelve grandkids. My vision for Faith Community Church is to be a God-honoring church where each member can serve with a glad heart. We desire the church to be a place where we can love each other as believers should and serve side by side, through thick and thin; a place where we can encourage each other to be examples in Christ. In this matter, we have no choice. The only choice we have is whether we will be good examples or bad ones. I Peter 1:6-7